Snowshoeing in Kilpisjärvi

What a great way to go around and see the arctic nature! Our guide will take you snowshoeing in Kilpisjärvi to the great fells around the village.  With Gareth, you will not only get fresh air and exercise, you will learn about the nature in Finnish Lapland, take great photos and hear stories about life in the arctic.   

Depending on your fitness level and the duration of the trip you are looking for, we have different options for snowshoeing in Kilpisjärvi. You can choose from easy 2 hour trip to a whole day snowshoeing in Kilpisjärvi experience. A professional outdoors instructor and photographer guides all our trips, so you will always have a fun and memorable experience. 

We usually start the snowshoeing trips at 10:00 from your accommodation in Kilpisjärvi. Call us to book your tour.

Snowshoeing in Kilpisjärvi is usually possible between December – April. In some conditions early in the season, we can also do the Saana trip on foot.

Included in the price: snowshoes and poles. On the longer trips (4+ hours) we have a warm drink and a snack with us. 

Prices starting from 62€ per person. Check out the prices and details of each trip on the tabs.

Additional information

locationHetta (on request), Kilpisjärvi, Other Lapland (on request)
group-sizeMin 1 person

Snowshoeing can be quite energetic and you will feel warm whilst moving but will cool down very quickly. As with any outdoor activity, layering is the best solution. Please, NO COTTON, e.g jeans, t-shirt or hoody. If you get hot cotton doesn’t breath and will get wet, cooling you down very quickly. Merino wool is great because it keeps you warm even if it does get damp.

**Winter overalls, boots and mittens are able for rental. Contact us for more.**

  • Down jacket or similar warm overcoat – for the break
  • Windproof jacket e.g Goretex or ski jacket
  • Windproof trousers e.g Goretex or ski trousers
  • Base layer top – e.g merino
  • Base layer bottoms – e.g merino
  • 1x Thick woollen socks
  • Thinner woollen socks e.g. merino
  • fleece/woolen jersey
  • Scarf / buff
  • Warm hat – needs to cover your ears
  • Mittens / gloves – windproof is good.
  • Small day pack
  • sunglasses

Saana is the closest fell to the village, the must see place for anyone visiting Kilpisjärvi. We can do a light snowshoeing trip of two hours, just enough to get you well above the treeline to admire the views. This is our recommended option in the very cold days or if you are not sure about your snowshoeing abilities. 

Alternatively, we can snowshoe all the way to the top of Saana, making this a 4 hours trip. The views over the village from the top are worth the long walk up. 

Duration: 3 hours
Difficulty: easy – moderate
Price per person: 62€ adult, 30€ kids under 12 years
Minimum 2 adults

Jehkas is a fell just north-west from the village, and at almost 1000 metres height, it is a great place for viewing the surrounding arctic wilderness. Jehkas is at the border with Norway and the Norwegian mountainous landscapes really make this trip special. 

There are several different routes on which we can use on wintertime, depending on your fitness level and the weather conditions. 

Duration: 4-5 hours, includes packed lunch
Difficulty: easy – moderate
Price per person: 110€ adult, 50€ kids under 12 years
Minimum 2 adults

If you want to spend more time out in the wilderness, this is your almost best option in Kilpisjärvi. Enjoy fresh air and silence, learn about the arctic winter conditions and get out of the village. If you have already been to Saana lake on other tours, we can also plan a long snowshoe tour to other locations – just contact us and we’ll plan it together!

We will snowshoe pass the Saana fell, and continue further into the wilderness area. After a nice walk, we will arrive at an open wilderness hut, where your guide will prepare you a lunch and a hot drink. After the break we continue our journey around Saana and return to the village from the other side of Saana.

Duration: 6-8 hours, includes warm lunch
Difficulty: moderate
Price per person 110€  per person, minimum 2 people
Includes packed lunch and hot drink

snowshoe fun
Snowshoeing to Saanajärvi
Snowshoeing to Saanajärvi