Privately guided day hikes in Northern Norway and Finland

Our privately guided day hikes offer you much more than just a guided walk through some breathtaking landscapes. With a guide you can learn about the arctic nature, it’s animals and flora, climate and how it is changing. You will hear about life in the region, both today and in the past. Our guides live in the area all year around, so they know these routes and terrains as they backyard. If you want, your guide can teach you some basics of map reading, fire making and other basic survival skills. You can take part in everything on this trip.

When you book a privately guided day hike, we tailor the routes to match your interests and experience. For families with small children we choose easy routes and the guide will be prepared to tell about the nature and animals in a way that it interests them. For outdoor enthusiasts we can choose longer tours and more demanding terrains, even do overnight camping in the wild.

Most of our summer hiking trips follow existing routes. Only in some cases, we might do short walks outside the paths. This way, we protect the fragile arctic nature around us. It takes only 25 people to make a trail that will still be visible in a years time in the arctic landscape. If you are looking for some more remote trails, we know those too – just let us know what kind of hike you are looking for.

Some of our favourite hikes:

  • Trip to Malla Strict Natural Park 12 – 22 km; Finland, moderate difficulty
  • Hike around Saana 10 – 15 km;Finland, moderate difficulty
  • Local nature trails, especially suited for families 4-6 km; Finland, easy terrain
  • Steindalsbreen glacier walk in Lyngenfjord 14 km; Norway, moderate difficulty
  • Day hike to Halti from Norwegian side 14 km; Norway/Finland, demanding terrain
  • Bollmansvei day hike with views to the fjord and Lyngen Alps, 9 km; Norway, moderate to demanding
  • Lyngsdalen day hike, glaciers and valleys, 15 km; Norway easy to moderate
  • Reisa National Park visits
  • And many more routes in the neighborhoods easy, moderate are difficult variations

All trips include: hot drinks and a snack and lots of great photos taken by your guide. If you want a photography tour, remember to mention this when booking! 

Send an email to start for a quote and route plan for your holiday. Prices starting from 65€ per person, child discounts available.

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Additional information

datesJune – August

Departure in the morning, pick up from your accommodation
Duration 2-10 hours
Group size 2 – 7 people, private tours


  • Small snack and hot drink
  • Experienced guide leading the walk
  • Transport from you accommodation to the start of the trail
  • Guide will have some mittens and hats if you need to borrow them

Take with you

  • water bottle / warm drink
  • your own snacks
  • good shoes
  • rain and windproof clothing (tour will not run in very heavy rain)
  • mosquito repellent if you wish
  • day pack for extra clothing and drinks
  • Camera
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