Northern lights photography in arctic Lapland will be a memorable experience. With a professional outdoor and photography guide, you can be sure to find the most awesome foregrounds for your northern light photos. Moreover, you will get all the technical knowledge of years of practice of photographing the northern lights, helping you to capture the magic,  starting from the first frames.

Our local guide will be able to tell you about the northern lights myths and local stories to attach to your travel journal or blog, adding value to your photos. He will teach you the latest on forecasting the northern lights, the science behind the phenomena, reading the forecasts and maybe he will even get into talking about climate and weather with you.

Because creating a great photo continues at home on your photo editing programme, we have added a northern lights processing workshop,  where you will be given tips on how to process those photos to make the look like you saw them.

Kilpisjärvi is an ideal location for northern lights photography. Its remoteness means there is no light pollution so even the fairer aurora is visible. The village is at the edge of the Scandinavian mountain range, which often breaks the weather, giving you more chances of clear nights. Within a short drive, you can find a variety of landscapes from arctic tundra to Norwegian fjords.

During the daytime, you can take short walks around the village to photograph the surrounding arctic nature in its autumn colours. You can also join us for optional photography day trips, see more about these in the itinerary.




Additional information

datesothers by request, September 16th 2019
destinationKilpisjärvi, Finland
duration3 Nights / 4 days
group-sizemin 2 – max 6

Day 1

Pick up from Tromso airport / hotel at 10:00 Norwegian time. Drive to Kilpisjärvi accommodation.

Northern lights photography workshop. Prepare your camera settings for the northern lights hunt and learn the science behind the phenomena. Your guide will show you how they predict the northern lights and explain how he will choose the location for each night.

Day 1 – Day 3

Each night when the conditions are right, we will go and hunt the northern lights. During the evening, we follow the development of the aurora and decide based on that if we should stay in one location or go driving more. The focus is on getting good photography in a variety of locations. Your photography guide helps you during the whole evening if you need help with your camera.

In Kilpisjärvi, statistically, you can see northern lights on 3 out of 4 nights. However, the weather conditions can make it impossible to see the aurora sometimes, and even on a clear night we might not find her. The northern lights are a natural phenomena, so it cannot be guaranteed. If the weather is bad with in approximately 60 km radius, we will not go out that night.

Day 2

In the morning we have a northern lights editing workshop. You can bring your own tablet or laptop which you use for editing photos.

In the afternoon you can join your guide for a 2-3 hour walking photography tour to the arctic tundra. Autumn colours and the first signs of the approaching winter can already be seen on the barren landscape. Price 65€ pp


Optional photography day trip to Lyngenfjord, Norway. During this photography oriented road trip, we have plenty of photo opportunities of the majestic Norwegian fjords; autumn colours, wooden huts, snow capped mountains and crystal clear water make great landscape photography. Duration 6 hours, price 110€ pp

Day 4

Transfer to Tromso, arrival in Tromso around 12:00 Norwegian time.

Transfer Tromso-Kilpisjärvi, Kilpisjärvi – Tromso
Accomodation in shared twin rooms in a 4 people log cabin, self catering
Professional photography and outdoor guide during the entire programme
Northern lights workshops and hunt as mentioned in the programme

Not included
Travel insurance (recommended)
Camera equipment

You will need to bring
– camera with manual settings
– charger
– any other camera accessories you like to use
– tripod (can also be rented)
– warm and rainproof clothing
– normal personal travel stuff

Aurora Tours in Lapland, Finland
Aurora in arctic lapland
Tsahkaljoki, Kilpisjärvi
aurora corona
A dark and storm day in Skibotn, Norway.
Aurora borealis in Lapland, Finland
Tsahkaljoki, Kilpisjärvi
Northern lights over Kilpisjärvi and Saana
Rihpogáisi in Skibtondalen
Northern lights over Lake Kilpisjärvi with cloud