Aurora tour holiday is packed with programme for northern lights hunter. Located at 68 degrees north, Kilpisjärvi is an excellent location for seeing the aurora, statistically 3 out of 4 nights there is a chance of seeing the “Green Lady”. In this remote location you have very little light pollution, so even the fairer northern lights are visible.

Aurora Tour in Finnish Lapland

Every night we’ll be out chasing the aurora. Thanks to the Scandinavian mountain range, Kilpisjärvi is blessed with it’s own micro-climate which means if it’s cloudy over the village we’ll simply cross the boarder into Norway and head down into the fjords where it is often clearer. It also works in reverse and is the reason people will travel all the way from Tromso to Finland just to see the lights. By choosing an aurora tour in Kilpisjärvi you maximize your chances of seeing the northern lights.

We keep the groups small so we can provide a high level of service and greater flexibility.  You’ll be joined on the tour by fellow aurora hunters, people like you who are committed to seeing the lights, so you’ll know you have something in common. Your tour is led by a passionate aurora hunter, photographer and professional outdoor guide, who will make sure you visit a different location every night. Should there be time to sit around a fire while waiting for the aurora, he will be able to tell you a lot of stories and anecdotes about the lights, but also about life in the arctic.

This tour doesn’t have fixed dates, but you can request the trip for any time during the winter season. The group minimum is 2 people and once dates are booked, the same dates will be opened for a maximum 4 other people. If you wish this to be a private tour, a small additional cost will be added. During your stay, you can also book additional day programme with us or our trusted partners from snow shoeing to husky rides.

Additional information

datesNovember – March
destinationKilpisjärvi, Finland
group-sizemin 2 – max 6
  • Four nights accommodation in a self contained chalet with sauna, 2 people sharing
  • Four nights of aurora chasing lasting 4-5 hours with a radius of 60 km from Kilpisjärvi
  • Single group pick up and drop off from Tromso airport in Norway
  • Winter overalls, boots, mittens and warm hat
  • Hot drinks and snacks while out chasing the aurora
  • Tricks and tips for photographing the aurora

You’ll be staying in your own well-appointed chalet, complete with sauna, kitchen and twin bedroom(s). It will be your home away from home, perfect for relaxing after your nights aurora hunting and for staying warm on those cold winter days.
The cabin is complete with:

  • Sauna
  • Fireplace
  • Television and radio
  • Free wireless internet
  • Microwave oven
  • Fridge-freezer
  • Tea and coffee maker
  • Dishwasher
  • Drying cabinet
  • Hairdryer

There are no meals included in this package. This means you are free to choose where and what you eat. The kitchen in the chalet is fully equipped with everything you could need and the local supermarket is only a few 100 meters down the road. Due to the high volume of Norwegian customers, it’s extremely well stocked for a village of only 120 permanent residents. You are also able to buy alcoholic drinks at the local spirits store.

Northern Lights in Kilpisjärvi
Northern Lights in Kilpisjärvi, Finland