What kind of camera and lenses do I need to photography the northern lights?

You will need a camera with full manual mode. A digital SLR or micro 4/3’rds is ideal. Modern compact cameras with Manual mode take fairly good shots but can often have limitations in ISO or shutter speed. If you’re unsure or have a more camera specific question please get in touch and I will help you out.


  •  A wide angle lens e.g. 10-20mm is great for when the northern lights are covering the sky.
  • The standard kit lens, usually 18-55mm or 18-70mm, are fine.
  • A zoom lens, e.g. 70-200mm or 18-200mm, is great for the remainder of the trip.
  • Lens hoods are great for helping keep frost off the lens.


  • Tripod. I have some basic tripods which can be borrowed on request.
  • Cable release. This is optional.
  • Lens cleaning cloth.
  • Spare battery and media cards

If you haven’t used your camera in manual mode before it is good to make yourself familiar with it before you arrive. You will also find practicing in the dark valuable so that you don’t need to use a head lamp while shooting the northern lights.

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