Photography courses in Januray 2021

14-17.1.2021 21-24.1.2021
Join our small group to learn about the skill of nature photography in the fabulous landscapes of Kilpisjärvi. The large fells of Lapland, the clear-water mountain lakes, rivers, waterfalls and enchanting wilderness are the nature photographer’s dream destination all year around. Polar night´s light shades offer versatile opportunities for photography, and a challenge for even more experienced photographers.
The village of Kilpisjärvi, the Saana fell, known to all Finns, the Käsivarsi Wilderness Area and the rugged fells of Norway right next doors, provide a unique setting for this magnificent photography course. If the travel situation allows, some of the trips will be taken to the Norwegian side of the border.
During the course, we go through some theory, the basics of shooting the Northern Lights and the night sky. Mainly, however, we go in nature to shoot, where at the same time we also go through some theory and thought behind photographing. You will also have enough time to enjoy nature and practice the lessons learned on your own.