We are a small company with a big love for outdoors, great experience, adventure and custom tours

Adventure by Design custom tours in Lapland and Northern Norway: Whether you are looking for a private northern lights photography tour, outdoor holiday in Norway, or guided trekking in the remote wilderness in Arctic Europe, we’d love to plan your custom holiday with you.

We’re a local company organizing custom tours in Lapland and Northern Norway since 2012. We live in the region, and so do most of our partner companies. We know the best places to visit, a lot more than the TOP 5 lists or Instagram favourites. With us, you will visit the local’s favourite places in addition to the main attractions.

Book in time; due to Covid-19 pandemic, we operate on smaller staff and places will fill up quickly. If your tour is cancelled due to official travel restrictions by Finland, Norway or your country of origin, you will be able to postpone your holiday by 14 months or get a full refund. With our privately guided tours, you also have all the flexibility to change any programme in case of some local epidemic arises during your holiday. 

Privately guided tours are the safest way of experiencing Lapland and Northern Norway. Your group is the only one in all our activities and you will have one guide for all your activities.

Between February and March, we have winter trekking and skiing tours with group departure dates. In summer, we have organise group departures for trekking in Norway, Finland and Sweden.  Dates for 2021 will be published late 2020. Check out the past guided tours here.

To book your tour, contact us via the form below, or send us a message. 

Our custom tours to Northern Norway and Finland?

Adventure by Design custom tours mean you don’t need to settle with what somebody else thought as a great holiday. You can mix and match the activities you like, decide the length of the holiday and choose accommodation from basic to luxury. As an activities provider Adventure by Design is specialized in activities like hiking and snowshoeing or photography. If you wish to go kayaking, we  will contract one of our tried and tested partner companies to take you. We don’t believe we are the best in everything, but we are pretty sure we know all the best in our region. Some example of our tours we have made:

* aurora photography road trips
* wilderness ski tour
* privately guided hiking and walking holiday
* multi-activity winter and summer outdoor tours
* family winter holiday with visit to Santa’s and kid’s snow fun
* proposal and honeymoon holidays with a professional photographer

What is a custom holiday?

We spend time with you to make sure we know what you really want to experience. Our custom tours are made from scratch, together with you. To get you started, here are some ideas for tailored tours. You should also take a look at our package tours, all of them can be organised for you privately and tailored to suit your interests.

We like to keep you active, so even if you are on a road trip with us, we include at least short nature walks to the programme. As one of our customers said on her review: “the highlight was the trip to Auttikongas nature trail where we hiked through the beautiful frozen forest and it was there we got to do our snow angel showdown! I will never forget this beautiful winter wonderland experience. Absolutely priceless!!!!”

Once we have made a plan for you, you confirm your dates by paying the non-refundable cancellation fee.  You pay the rest of the payment only once you have arrived.

Travelling to Finland and Norway with children

We are an outdoors adventure company with lots of fun activities for bigger kids and adults. However, we believe nature is the grand playground and we’d be happy to tailor your holiday to suit your kids. Leave those iPads at home and come to spend some old-fashioned time together. Note that some winter activities are not suitable for very young kids for they might get too cold. Everything else we can tailor to give your children an experience they will remember. We have special child seats for the car and warm clothing available for kids. And what is more important, you can borrow some outdoor toys for kids from us – at not extra charge, of course.

Adventure by Design family holidays

What places do you recommend for custom holidays?

Bespoke and custom tours, Finland

We arrange our custom tours above the Arctic Circle. RovaniemiKirunaTromso are the three cities in our region. We know that visiting the famous cities is important, but otherwise, we like to keep you off the busiest destinations and show you the Finland and Norway we love. We can give you tips for arranging your visit to Helsinki too if you need some.

Our focus is the nature and all the fun you can do there, whether you like day walks or want us to take you on a three-country Nordic ski trip into the wilderness. Even on road trips and city visits we always include a walk to nature; it is an experience you should not miss while in the North.

Whenever possible, we work with small local companies, where we know the owners and who share our values of fun and respect.

As a bonus on our trips, you have a professional photographer as your guide, so you can be sure to see the most photogenic locations, not only the ones famous from social media. Not to mention the photos you can get of you and your group!

What have our customers been saying?

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    Gareth is a truly amasing and...
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    Fantastic! Baking gingerbread biscuits and decorating them. The whole family loved every moment. Would definitely recommend this family activity!

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Complete the form below and I will contact you as soon as possible. Please note we are currently travelling and while we will be checking email there may be some delays in replying. If you have an urgent request, please use WhatsApp to contact Gareth on +358 44 205 4775.

If you have specific dates please let us know so we can inform you of our availability.
This is where you get to dream. What kind or trip are you looking for? Are you wanting to be active? Relaxed? Do you want to see the northern lights or an authentic Finnish summer weekend? The more information you can provide will help me create your perfect adventure.
Note: Some accommodation types are not available in all locations.
Please let me know of any special requirements you may have e.g. disability, dietary, medical conditions etc.
Northern lights over Kuornarjoki Cabin
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Here to help.

The very important small print of your custom holiday

Your money is safe. Once you accept our itinerary, you will pay a non-refundable cancellation fee, which covers the costs we have for making the bookings for your holiday. The rest you only pay once you have started your holiday and have met us and seen that everything is as it should be. Adventure by Design is registered in the Finnish register of package travel agencies and has has lodged security against e.g. advance payments for travel.

You should always take travel insurance and make sure it covers the type of activities you are planning to do.

On our custom holidays, we can be flexible with the programme and activities – add more nature walks (we like to walk) or do less walking if the weather is poor. Your guide is there for you and he will – within reason, make any changes you like. However, pre-booked activities with other companies often cannot be changed at last minute.

All our holidays are privately guided although it is possible to add self-guided days for example in Helsinki, Rovaniemi or Tromso. We work with small, local and family owned companies, when ever it is possible. The focus on our holidays is always the nature – activities from easy walks on road trips to multi-day adventures in the wild.