Partners in sustainable adventures

Adventure by Design is committed to take you on outdoor holidays which you’ll cherish for the rest of your life. We’re also committed to preserving our region for the generations to come after us. This is why we work with companies which are committed to the same values: ecologically, socially, culturally and economically sustainable tourism. We have chosen our suppliers among many, and here we tell you why.

Local tourism organisations

We are part of Tosilappi – Destination Enontekiö and Visit Lyngenfjord organisations. They promote the regions, but they also provide us with services. We network with other local companies and take part in seminars and workshops. They negotiate with the governments on our behalf, notify us of new rules and regulations and constantly work to improve the infrastructure in the region. Through these organizations, we can also contribute to the development of the entire region.

Adventure by Design is a partner company with Metsähallitus, the Finnish state-owned enterprise, responsible for the management of state owned lands, including national parks and other protected lands. Being a partner company, we have committed to the sustainable tourism criteria of Metsähallitus. We also contribute a small sum per each customer for the use of the rest areas provided in the national parks and other recreational and protected areas.

Good food - where ever we are!

We want to eat real and tasty food on tours in the outdoors. To make sure there was no unnecessary additives or unknown ingredients, we thought we should make our own dehydrated meals for the tours. Thinking again, chopping, cooking, drying and storing safely massive amounts of food is not a simple task. We decided to stick what we do the best, and let real chefs do the cooking and engineers do the planning of how to get that food for you safely. REAL Turmat meals are cooked with local ingredients, there’s no extra stuffs, they use local recipes and the food tastes amazing. So, how about a great cod stew or hearty reindeer soup served right where we are – in the wild.

There's no bad weather to go outside

We dress our guides with the best clothing, made of durable materials suitable for our arctic adventures. As much as we believe in good clothing, we believe in individuality and personal tastes, which is why we don’t all wear the same uniforms. A guide in comfortable and suitable clothing is a happy guide to take care of you.

We’d love to provide our customers with the same clothing, but we’re still a small company and we have customers in many shapes and sizes. We have decided that you can wear your own winter gear, which we boost with warm boots and a Fjällräven luhhka, a warm long cape inspired by the traditional Sami clothing. You wear the luhhka on top of your jackets – and look great and feel warm. If you need to rent all winter clothing, we work together with Tromso Outdoors to put together a full warm wardrobe.

Children's winter clothing and gear

The most precious of our customers are the little ones. We trust the Finnish children’s clothing manufacturer Travalle‘s warmest winter suits to keep your kids warm. We have good looking and durable overalls for kids from sizes 1 – 14 years old. Toddlers we also provide with extra layers underneath and warm blankets.

For your kid’s safety, we use certified safety seats in our cars and our guides are trained to keep on eye on the children in the cold weather.

And for the fun – our guides come with winter toys and games which the local kids love to use in winter times. Even skis and snowshoes come in kid’s sizes.

Taking groups out to the wild, we want to do our best that your tour is fun, comfortable and safe. We do several trips a year with customers and a few on our own to scout new locations and to train our skills. The gear we have; tents, cookers, sleeping bags – they all get a lot of use. We are committed to sustainability, so we need to have gear which will last and which can be prepared when things eventually wear out. We have partnered with the best Scandinavian providers for our gear: Fjällräven and Primus  and work together with our local sport shop for our orders.

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