Midsummer in Scandinavia is full of stories of  times past and magic light of the midnight sun. Flowers under your pillow, seeing your future in a spring, gigantic bonfires with magical powers. Midsummer in Scandinavia is still a significant festivity. In the past it was a celebration of fertility, after a long and cold winter, the nature was fertile again. Today it is more a celebration of summer and friendship.

How do they spend the midsummer?

Spend midsummer – or juhannus – like a true Finn. Have a sauna by your very own lake, surrounded by absolute silence. During the day,  walk in the forest or take the rowing boat out and throw a few lines, maybe catch your dinner. In the evening, sit in the warmth of the sauna, swim in the lake, go back – for as long as you want. There is no night tonight. When you finally go to bed, the magic of midsummer will come to your dreams.

Or would you rather get to know Helsinki at the probably quietest weekend of the year? Maybe your idea of a midsummer’s dream is a bit of sightseeing, visiting old neighborhoods with wooden houses and quiet churches. Strolling the empty streets of the city is a midsummer’s dream come true for the photographer who wants to capture the streets with nobody but a lone cat in the alley.

And it is as easy as sending us an email! 

Whether it is wilderness, outdoors or a city break you are looking for, we can tailor for you the,  as authentic as it gets,  midsummer in Scandinavia holiday you have always been dreaming of. Your guide will take you to see the locals, the way they celebrate, show you the secluded places you might not find on your own and make sure you know which restaurants are open on this strange weekend, when all of  Finland falls into a common dream of eternal summer.

Contact us to plan a midsummer’s dream holiday in Finland just for you.

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dates21-25 June 2017, This is a custom tour, dates are flexible

We’ll pick you up in Helsinki and take you out into the country. We visit interesting locations – interesting as you define it, and introduce you the most beautiful places around.

You will stay in a self catering country cabin, and we’ll fill your days with programme – forest walks, rowing a boat, local midsummers party, landscape and outdoors photography workshops, you name it!

Make your holiday 3-5 days long, with a bit of outdoors adventure and local elements.

Let’s stay in the city, where the streets are – well, they are empty. The Finns have gone to the countryside, so we have the city for ourselves. And there are so many things to see; quiet walks by the sea, picnic in an old fortress, a day trip to Porvoo. We’ll take you to see the bonfires and help you to make sense of it all.

The summer light creates amazing photo opportunities at the early and late hours of the day. If you’re a beginner with your camera, why not ask for a private photography workshop too!

Ask us to tailor you a 3-5 days city break in Helsinki for this midsummer.

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Midsummer in Scandinavia