Now new dates in September!

Guided hike to Halti starting 2nd September. The trip is guaranteed to go and will be guided by Gareth, a professional outdoors instructor from New Zealand, who’s been living in Enontekiö since 2011. Guiding language is English, but lots of Finglish is spoken too.
This guided hike is suitable for people with good fitness level, no previous hiking experience required, but do let us know if you are completely new to hiking, so we can guide you with your preparations.
Join alone or bring a friend along!

Hiking in the arctic wilderness is a must do experience for all outdoors enthusiasts. Trekking with a professional guide allows you to go beyond your comfort zone to new adventures.

At the beginning of August, the arctic summer is at its best; the sun sets late and there’s still nearly 20 hours of daylight. There are plenty of wild berries to pick for a snack and temperatures are perfect for hiking.

Where does this hike actually take me?

We start our journey from Kilpisjärvi, a small village of 120 something inhabitants. The village is at approximately 500 metres from sea level, which means that only after a short walk, we will be above the treeline. The barren open landscape is everything you have always thought hiking in arctic wilderness will be like.

We will follow the rolling landscape towards the highest point of Finland, Halti fell. To our west, are the Norwegian mountains, which at this time of the year can already get the first snow caps. The terrain is easy to walk.

On the route, there are  no steep climbs until the last day, when we summit Halti. The mountain’s actual peak is on the Norwegian side of the border, which we will summit too.

Not an experienced hiker? 

Hiking in the arctic wilderness with a professional and knowledgeable guide is a great experience even if you don’t have much much hiking on your own before. All you need is good level of fitness and adventurous spirit.

These dates aren’t good for you?

It is also possible to request a private hiking in the arctic holiday for different dates. Contact us for more information,

Additional information

dates2-7 September 2017, 6-11 August 2017 – FULLY BOOKED, others by request
duration5 Nights / 6 Days
group-sizeMin 4 – Max 10

Scheduled trip on 6-11.8.2017 – FULLY BOOKED

Second trip 2-7.2017 – Guaranteed departure

For other dates, contact us. 

Day 1

We meet in Kilpisjärvi village, where we stay the first night. After checking in the rooms, we will have a briefing and dinner together. To come to Kilpisjärvi, you can take a bus from Kittilä or Rovaniemi in Finland or Tromso in Norway. When you are booking your trip with us, we will be happy to send you all the information you need to plan your journey.

Day 2

Our first day’s hike takes us to from the village to the vast open landscapes of the arctic. After passing the magnificent Saana fell, the open landscape is breathtaking.  The barren land is windblown, but if you know where to look, you will find some wild berries to try. Small herd of reindeer can usually be seen around. The route also crosses the border with Norway briefly.

Day 3 

Continuing our journey through the rolling landscape, we can see the peculiar fell formations, typical to only this region in Finland. These fells have a steep face facing south east and long, gentle slope on the opposite side. By our lunch time, we will see the first cliffs rising over 200 metres. Not only peculiar in shape, these fells have a distinct soil and flora which is unique in the world. The whole region is dotted with nature conservation sites.

Day 4 

On our fourth day, we will pass  a site which commemorates the former president of Finland, Urho Kekkonen who was the president during the years of cold war. Kekkonen loved this part of the country and spend many skiing holidays here with his cabinet.

A little bit later, we arrive to the one of the greatest waterfalls of Finland. At the humble height of 17 metres, it is sometimes called “the Niagara of Finland” for the shear volume of the water that runs down there. It might not be the most stunning waterfall you ever see, but it will make it to your top 5 based only on its location.

In the evening, we will arrive at a reservation hut just beneath the Halti fell.

Day 5

The day gets a good start with the last, longest and steepest climb of the route. At the top of Halti, at 1365 metres, you feel like you can touch the clouds. In clear weather, you can see what I like to think, is the best part of Finland.

We will then head down towards Goulasjávri in Norway. This is easily the most challenging part of the entire hike. It is a steep downhill on a rocky slope. Rocks are loose and often wet and slippery, so extra care and a slower speed is necessary. In bad weather this can be a difficult slope, but the good thing is, it only lasts about 10 km.

At Goulasjávri we will be picked up by a taxi and we drive back to Kilpisjärvi, where we will have a sauna and dinner together.

Day 6

After breakfast together, it is time to say goodbye to your new friends and start making plans for you next adventure.

Note: It is important to have at least one extra day between the hike and possible flights. The weather conditions in the arctic regions are sometimes unpredictable and we might have to stay an extra night on the route for safety reasons. There are no extra costs of the extra night in this case, but make sure your return plans are flexible. There is no need to buy a return bus ticket to Rovaniemi or Tromso in advance.

4 days hiking with a professional guide
2 nights in shared cabin in Kilpisjärvi
3 nights in reservation huts
2 dinners
2 breakfasts
transfer from Goulasjávri to Kilpisjärvi

Not included
Travel insurance, make sure your insurance covers activities in wilderness areas.
Travel to and from Kilpisjärvi
Food and snacks during the hike
Personal hiking equipment

You will need good hiking boots and layered clothing for a cool climate. Be prepared for temperatures varying between 0-20 degrees. Wind and waterproof top layer, hat and mittens.

Once you pay the reservation fee, you will get a detailed list of what to bring and also a link to our video on how to correctly pack your backpack.

Hiking in the arctic
HIking in the arctic