This guided hike in Scandinavia takes you on a journey into the mythical Land of Giants, a Finnish tale detailing the creation of the region’s most recogniseable peaks. When you are looking for a route truly less traveled, this is your top pick. The starting point, Kilpisjärvi, is a remote village in the crossing of the three Scandinavian countries. The route follows some of the most enchanting mountainous landscapes of the region, making the rough walk feel almost effortless.

What’s so special about this trekking route?

The route is one of the few hiking trails which allow you to visit three countries in less than a week. Starting in Finland, we traverse to Norway and Sweden where we stay in comfortable mountain cabins. Your backpacks don’t need to wear you down, as you’ll only be carrying clothes, your personal items and some food. The cabins are well equipped with cooking and sleeping gear.

The grand landscapes and remoteness of the location invite a hiker to calm down and forget the busy every day life. You will be disconnected from the wifi and all other networks, giving you more space to really connect with the nature and yourself.

Should I join this guided hike?

Although challenging, this tour also suits people who are new to hiking and are wanting a true wilderness experience in the comfort of a small guided group. Calmer pace means we also have time to take photos of this ever-changing landscape and moods of the wilderness. The tour in 2018 runs right at the beginning of the northern lights season, so on clear nights there is a chance that you’ll be treated to one of nature’s wonders.

Is it really that good?

One of our previous participants has written an excellent trip report with some splendid photos here. Thanks David!

Additional information

destinationKilpisjärvi, Finland
dates1st September – 7th September 2018, others by request
duration6 Nights / 7 days
group-sizemin 2 – max 6

nb. Times are based on an average traveling speed of 3km/h including stops. All times are approximate and will vary depending on the group. 

Day 1 – Transfer from Airport to Kilpisjärvi.

Arrival day. We’ll be staying at the Kilpisjärvi Hiking Centre where we you will meet your guide and  other group members. We will  talk more about the week, safety, equipment over a meal together. To come to Kilpisjärvi, you can take a bus from Kittilä or Rovaniemi in Finland or Tromso in Norway. When you are booking your trip with us, we will be happy to send you all the information you need to plan your journey.

Day 2 Kilpisjärvi (Finland)  – Goldahytta (Norway) 15km, 5 hrs 

We begin by travelling  through the Malla Strict Nature Reserve, an area protected since 1916, whilst Finland was still under Russian rule. The area is unique due to the young geology and the calciferous soil that produces rare species of fell plants.

Day 3 Goldahytta – Gappohytta (Norway)12km,   4hrs

The trail continues westward around the end of Lake Goldajärvi. Today we climb up onto the fells where we’ll have a unspoiled view of giant Paras.  We’ll cross a couple of really beautiful river gorges which have been shaped over thousands of years. Weather permitting they also provide a great place.

Day 4 Gappohytta – Rostahytta (Norway) 20km 6,5hrs

Today is our longest day, we will be heading into the mountain pass in the Insdalen Valley. We gain height slowly, so no steep hills, but will eventually get to a height of 1000m. Steep sides cliffs, snowy valleys and mountain streams are all around. Our descent is in stark contrast, the rocky terrain disappears and is replaced by open grassy plains. Certainly a more challenging day, but we’ll take our time and I’m sure you’ll agree that it was worth it. Tonight we rest our heads at the idyllic Rostahytta cabin, nestled beside the Rosta River with open plains on one side and towering mountains on the other.

Day 5 Rostahytta (Norway) –  Pältsastugan (Sweden) 20km, 6hrs

Another longer day but much easier as we travel through wide open valley plains. The size of the country is really quite impressive. To think that once it was full of ice! Mighty Pältsa will slowly come into view as we descend towards our hut for the night. Pältsastugan is a giant of a hut, plenty of cooking space, beds and even it’s own sauna. Perfect!

Day 6  Pältsastugan – Kilpisjärvi (Finland) 12km, 4 hrs

Our final day sees us climbing back into the fells and towards Lake Kilpisjärvi. The terrain could very well be described as tundra as there are no trees, but plenty of scattered rocks. As we come closer, Saana, our other giant, will greet us from the other side of the lake. Our journey will bring us to small jetty where we will take the Malla Boat back across the river and to our starting point in Kilpisjärvi. We’ll be spending another night at Retkeilykeskus, with tales of the week to be told over a hearty meal.

Day 7 – Farewell

After breakfast together, it is time to say goodbye to your new friends and start making plans for you next adventure. You can choose to spend some extra time in Kilpisjärvi or head north to Norway.

  • All  accommodation. On the first and last night’s this is shared accommodation in a chalet.  A single room supplement will apply. All other nights we will be sharing a mountain cabin
  • Malla ferry on day &
  • All meals and snacks (in the schedule)
  • All cooking equipment
  • The huts all have blankets and pillows, however you will need to bring a silk/cotton liner and pillowcase.
 Flights.  There will be a single group pick and drop-off time to Tromso airport.  Check the Norwegian or SAS websites for more. If you are staying in Tromso before or after our trip, you can be picked up / dropped off at your hotel.
  • Personal Items
  • Alcoholic drinks at meal and leisure times
  • Snacks outside of the provided menu

The purpose of this trip isn’t to carry a huge pack and push yourself to breaking point, but to discover a remote part of the world. As such you will only be required to carry a smaller pack with your clothes and personal items, 2-3kg of food and a maybe one item of group equipment. A detailed equipment list is provided on booking and is also available on request.

You can cancel the reservation up to 4 weeks prior the planned dates in which case we only keep the 20% deposit. If you do need to cancel please notify us as soon as possible so we can notify our vendors. Cancellations are accepted in writing, by email or by phone. We reserve the right to change the tour itinerary due to altered circumstances and conditions. We will make alternative arrangements as required but no refunds will be given for services that are not utilised as a result.

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