Christmas in Norway and Lapland 2018 special

The Christmas in Norway 2018 special tour combines our most loved experiences, customisable to match your dream holiday. It’s a combination of our favourite locations in Northern Norway and Kilpisjärvi, the small Finnish village at the border of Norway, Sweden and Finland.

On this holiday, you can experience a silent ride with the huskies, visit a reindeer herder’s home and of course, search northern lights. We will have some outdoor fun, play in the snow. If you are travelling with kids, we will make sure, there is a special programme for them too.

We invite all our guests to join us for a family Christmas dinner on the 24th December. We celebrate Christmas with Lapland’s and Norwegian treats. As always in our activities, it is a small group of people, maximum 10 people in the group.

Your guide Gareth is also a professional photographer, so you are guaranteed to get some very special Christmas photos this year.

Customize your Christmas in Norway

Extend your holiday in Norway, or continue your journey via the Northern lights route to Rovaniemi. Add a night in a glass igloo, try skiing, and spend the new years with us too.

Send us a message and let’s start planning your Christmas in Norway holiday for 2018.


Here’s one way to plan your holiday.

We include 3 nights of northern lights search in the tour, your guide will choose the nights when the possibilities of seeing them are the greatest. The programme can be adjusted and you can add for example a night in a glass igloo or a snowmobile safari. Contact us to start planning your holiday now!

Days 1-2
Arrival at Tromso, self-guided days at this beautiful arctic city.

Day 3
Husky safari 3 hours, transfer to Kilpisjärvi

Day 4
24th December is the day when Finnish and Norwegian families spend time together and share a special dinner. So we will invite you to share our Christmas meal with us, seated around an open fire in a wooden kota.  Joining you will be our other guests, it will be a truly jolly Christmas gathering of maximum 10 people.

Day 5
Winter fun in the snow. Your guide will take you out on skis or snowshoes, we can take a sledge and enjoy the slopes. Ever heard of a kick sledge? Whatever winter fun you have always wanted to try, today is the day.

Day 6
Today we visit the local reindeer herder, whose family has been herding reindeer in the region for 10 generations. We take part in their morning routines of feeding the animals, which allows us to get very close to the animals.

Day 7
Transfer to Tromso or Rovaniemi to continue your holiday, or return home.

Aurora over Skibotn
Up close and personal with the reindeer