It has puzzled people since the beginning of time, and continues to be a miracle we all love. Join us for a northern lights photography tour this winter!

Every night, when the skies are clear, we go out in search of the green lady. In Kilpisjärvi you don’t often need to drive far – crossing the border to Norway on some nights, going some 30 km south on others, giving us a good variety of locations to see and photograph the Northern Lights. If you travel with your camera, make sure you contact Gareth well beforehand, so he can make sure your settings are right and give you a few tips already before going out. At location, Gareth will help you to get the photos your friends will be jealous of.

Even on the nights when Kilpisjärvi is cloudy, we might be able to drive to Norway and have clear skies. Thus, make sure you contact us for the night’s “go or not”.

Repeating customers get 20% discount!

All bookings receive our Aurora Photography Workshop (10€ value) on their first photography tour with us.

The small print:
Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon, and can not be guaranteed even on a clear night. However, statistically 3 out of 4 nights in Enontekiö has some kind of Northern Lights. 

The price includes approximately 4-5 hours trip with a small group, photography guiding and a photo or two of the Aurora and you taken by Gareth. During the hunt you have hot drinks and small snacks. Remember to wear warm clothing! Thermal overalls and boots are available for renting on request. If you need to rent clothes make sure you contact us by 14:00 the day of the trip.
All bookings receive our Aurora Photography Workshop (10€ value) on their first photography tour with us.


**Winter overalls, boots and mittens are able for rental. Contact us for more.**

 Down jacket or similar warm overcoat
 Base layer top – e.g merino
 Base layer bottoms – e.g merino
 2x Thick woollen socks
 Thinner woollen socks e.g. merino
 Scarf / buff
 Warm hat – needs to cover your ears
 Mittens / gloves – windproof is good.
 Headtorch (available on request)

Camera Equipment

A camera with full manual mode. A digital SLR or micro 4/3’rds is ideal. Modern compact cameras with Manual
mode take fairly good shots but can often have limitations in ISO or shutter speed.

A wide angle lens e.g. 10-20mm is great for when the northern lights are covering the sky.
The standard kit lens, usually 18-55mm or 18-70mm, is fine.
A zoom lens, e.g. 70-200mm or 18-200mm, is great for the remainder of the trip.
Lens hoods are great for helping keep frost off the lens.
Tripod. I have some basic tripods which can be borrowed on request.
Cable release. This is optional. If you don’t have a cable release it is still possible to use the built in timer.
Lens cleaning cloth.
Spare battery and media cards
If you have any questions regarding clothing or equipment please let me know.

  • For cancellations greater than 7 days before the trip – full refund
  • For cancellations 7 days before the trip – 50%
  • For cancellations of less than 3 days – no refund
  • Bookings are non-transferrable between participants and / or tours.
  • Full payment is required on the first day of the tour. Payment can be made in cash, bank transfer, credit card and Paypal.
  • Cancellations are accepted in writing, by email or by phone.
  • If the tour is cancelled due to poor weather you will receive a full refund.
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