The Arctic night is something special. Clear skies are dotted with thousands of stars and if you’re lucky, the shimmering glow of the northern lights. A short walk takes us to the top of Salmivaara Fell and viewpoint with an uninterrupted 360 degree view of the night sky. Once there we make a small fire and tell tales of Lapland while waiting for the Aurora to make her appearance.

If you are planning on doing some photography why not book our photography workshop? There you will not only learn the settings required for successful photography, but some of the history and science behind the northern lights.

Tours depart from Tundrea Reception at 2100.

Additional information

duration3 hours
group-size1 – 8 people

You will be provided with snowshoes and poles. There is also a small super provided which includes a small snack and hot drink.

Snowshoeing is quite and you will feel warm whilst moving, but will cool down very quickly. As with any outdoor activity, layering is the best solution. Please, NO COTTON, e.g jeans, t shirt or hoody. If you get hot cotton doesn’t breath and will get wet, cooling you down very quickly. Merino wool is great because it keeps you warm even if it does get damp.

**Winter overalls, boots and mittens are able for rental. Contact us for more.**

  • Down jacket or similar warm overcoat – for the break
  • Windproof jacket e.g goretex or ski jacket
  • Windproof trousers e.g goretex or ski trousers
  • Base layer top – e.g merino
  • Base layer bottoms – e.g merino
  • 1x Thick woollen socks
  • Thinner woollen socks e.g. merino
  • fleece/woolen jersey
  • Scarf / buff
  • Warm hat – needs to cover your ears
  • Mittens / gloves – windproof is good.
  • Small day pack