Lapland winter outdoor activities supreme

A perfect package for those looking for a Lapland winter outdoor activities holiday. This holiday is a supreme mix of outdoor activities, with all the spices. We believe in the joy of travelling on pure muscle power, so on this holiday you will mainly move on snow shoes
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Skiing on Lake Kilpisjärvi

Beginners Ski Instruction

Cross country skiing is one of the best ways to travel in the Arctic north and it's also surprisingly easy to learn. This introductory lesson will teach you the basics of cross country skiing on the flat terrain of Lake Kilpisjärvi. During the session you will learn the basic
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Saana Cross country skiing tour

Saana Day Tour

A popular day cross country skiing tour from Kilpisjärvi village. Departing from Retkeilykesus at the northern part of the village you’ll follow the trail through the forest up on the open fell top and the groomed ski trails. From here you’ll make you way through the treeless landscape
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Kilpisjärvi cross country skiing

Learn to cross country ski in the only mountainous region of Finland, Kilpisjärvi.  You will learn on groomed trails before moving off trail and skiing on the fells. We build your cross country skiing skills during the first days and try different terrains each day. The week will finish
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